Thursday, July 12, 2007

A tough day for Nablus

On July 10th, a large scale invasion of the city took place, lasting until the morning hours. Clashes in the old city took place throughout the night whereupon the army moved into the upscale neighborhood of Rafidia, the location of one of Nablus' largest churches. In Rafidia, the soldiers cleared out two apartment complexes of all of their residents, forcing the men to strip, and detaining the women and children. The men were taking to a villa, in interviews there with the family living in the villa, torture of the detained men was described. The Israeli Army placed bombs around one of the apartment buildings and threatened to blow it up unless two wanted men inside surrended. These men surrendered, as well as the owner of the apartment. Two of them were reportedly taken to the villa as well and subject to the same torture. I was there, I saw it, now you can too.

In other news, last night July 11th, fighters from the Izzideen al Qassam Brigades of Hamas cooperated with fighters from the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades of the Socialist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to repel soldiers who had entered the Ein Beit Al Ma refugee camp, located in Nablus. The brigades said in a statement that three Israeli soldiers were injured. The statement explained that the PFLP fighters ambushed an Israeli infantry patrol and detonated two explosive devices before they clashed with the Israeli troops.

Israeli military forces reported that an explosive device was detonated while an Israeli patrol passed in Nablus, yet they claimed there were no casualties.

From the sweet city of Nablus,


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